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How to Remove Ads From Android Apps Using Lucky Patcher?

Before talking about disabling ads, we need to know why they exist at the first place. Google play – the play store, encompasses numerous apps; few of which are paid and the rest unpaid. Paid apps get their money when people download them, while unpaid/free apps generate money through ads. The ads are usually provided by Google and often consume plenty of space, are irritating and some even get downloaded without your consent. So, how do we get rid of them? The best way we know so far is by Lucky Patcher. This app is popular for conducting actions that remove ads, tell you the status (memory) of your phone and helps you enjoy plenty of paid apps for free.

Disable ads from your Android phone while using applications and games requires a special trick. But it is a complex process, which is often repetitive and time consuming. But we bring you Lucky Patcher’s latest version that can remove all ads, banners, buying proposition that app developers add to get you on board their payment model. Lucky Patcher can disable ads so quickly, because it is developed for the sole aim to make Google Play store free for you and it is a lifetime access that enables all your Android devices an ad free experience.

Use of Lucky Patcher:

Although, Lucky Patcher has many credits in terms of features, removing ads is one of its best. Through this, it can even get you ad-ridden from complex apps like MX Player where being ad free is considered a luxury. A step-by-step guide with proper instructions will allow you to have an ads-free experience while being online through mobile devices. Please note that your device must be rooted to follow this tutorial.

remove ads from app using lucky patcher

Step to Disable Ads from Apps with Lucky Patcher Apk:

Remember, while downloading Lucky Patcher properly, always look for Apk file as the other versions may be distorted.

  1. To avoid any hassles in downloading and functionality, Download Lucky Patcher here
  2. After you’ve successfully downloaded the app from the above link, simply click on it and go for installation.
  3. Now, look at your App drawer (the location where the downloaded file will appear) and open the downloaded file.
  4. You will see a total list of apps that is part of your device loading under Lucky Patcher.
  5. From the list, select the app from which you choose to remove ads instantly.
  6. On choosing, a page will appear with a button named “Open Menu of Patches”, clicking on which a long list of action items can be seen.
  7. You need to select the option of “Remove Ads” from the list.
  8. Clicking on “Patch to Remove Ads” button will initiate the action.
  9. To close the deal, click “Apply” and wait for a few seconds.
  10. This will patch the app by removing ads that existed earlier.
  11. Now, you can open the patched app to check how effective the procedure has been. If you’ve followed the guide diligently, you will be devoid of ads hereon.

This action can be similarly replicated for all the apps that are full of ads or contain content that get impromptu downloaded. In just few clicks, you’ll be able to experience an obstacle less never before online time on your mobile device.


If this tutorial has guided you in disabling ads from apps, please share your experience in the comments section. Also, let us know what else we can help you out with. It can be anything related to the same app or things that matter to you. We will arrange a tutorial for the same.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download for iOS| App Download Guide

If you’re constantly disappointed for not being able to download certain apps due to security reasons, in-app purchase amount, inconvenience of watching them due to ads and inability to store back-ups, you’re lucky to have met Lucky Patcher App. This fantastic app does all that is mentioned above and for free. Becoming popular first in the Android space, its features and efficiency couldn’t hold back iOS users to get it customized for them. So, now it is equally demanded in both domains and is a smartphone/tablet device specific app.


  1. This is the first of its kind ad blocker app that intelligently filter ads from the required content.
  2. It allows you to use paid apps for free without causing any disturbance in the functionality.
  3. You can conveniently change your UI and customize your launcher with nil risk through this app.
  4. Lucky Patcher gets you additional permissions to use a paid app to the maximum extent possible.
  5. In short it acts a barrier while saving you from unnecessary hurdles while working on the internet.
  6. It shows all the information about chosen apps, tell you whether they’re useful or not, shows how much space they’re occupying in your phone and which part of the memory is it sitting on.
  7. Enhances working quality of your phone.

Lucky Patcher for iOS v/s Lucky Patcher for Android:

Completely different from the way it is done on Android devices. The behavior of Apple Store is opposite to Google Play Store. Hence the Lucky Patcher iOS file is executed using a different app altogether. If you want the exact steps, keep reading about Lucky Patcher for iOS below.

Download Lucky Patcher for iOS

Download and Installation Process of Lucky Patcher App:

You must have tried finding it in itunes stores, but that didn’t work because it is unavailable there. With all that’s mentioned above you seem really eager to download it now. So let’s see how that’ll happen

  1. As this app was primarily built for Android phones, iOS had to redesign it to suit specific requirements. For the same, iOS users need to first download an app named iPadian before getting into the main one.
  2. After downloading the iPadian app, you need to search for Lucky Patcher and be ready to download it. For those who’re unaware, iPadian is an app store for iOS that allows one to download related apps through it. You must look for an APK file for download as other versions probably won’t work.
  3. After you’ve crossed the searching phase, if the results show positive for Lucky Patcher, download and install it as mentioned in the guidelines. The process may seek for permissions, terms and conditions and finally verification to complete. So, go ahead with it. In case of verification, certain settings changes might be needed. The step-by-step guide will help you then.
  4. Once done, you can have total control over annoying pop-ups, modification in apps and enjoy paid apps for free. You get absolute freedom from all junk obstacles with Lucky Patcher. Enjoy total fun with uncountable apps of your choice.

So, ready to make your friends jealous? Go for it..


iOS users with latest iPhones, iPads, and products must be glad that they can save some bucks using Lucky Patcher for free. If it is a relief, the above process is a door to freedom. Play as much as you want and enjoy apps that cost money without any payment or bills. Lucky Patcher for iOS, thus makes your life happier, easier and more enjoyable.

If this post helped you in any which way, do let us know in the comments section. For queries related to other functioning of this app, compatibility and hiccups, Write to Us , we are there to help you out.

Lucky Patcher Alternatives You may Wants to Try.

Are you looking for apps that are like Lucky Patcher and even better? Helping you in hacking and accessing premium applications of Google Play and Apple store, such apps are like a boon for people who want to save money and enjoy at the same time. You do not have to shell out dollars and bring yourself to knees as we have not one app Lucky Patcher, but six other apps that can make you feel lucky within apps that require money, license verification, key codes and games that require a large number of coins, gems to play a new level. Now you can run infinitely on Temple Run using Lucky Patcher alternatives. The names we are recommending are great tools and help you when your device is unable to get Lucky Patcher’s latest version compatible. Meanwhile, you can use the mentioned Lucky Patcher like applications to make your life easier.

One size never fits all, and we all need options so that if we are in trouble, we can use them as our alternative. Top applications that perform similar functions to Lucky Patcher and can be utilized as a replacement are:

Lucky Patcher Similar Apps:


Creehack app download

If you have tried to hack android games before you must have heard about Cree-Hack, though it only supports the best phones and makes software for them, now you can find Cree-Hack’s latest versions here and download, install them similarly to Lucky Patcher. Only notable difference is the speed in which Lucky Patcher functions is a tad bit faster, but if your high-end Android is not able to patch games with Lucky Patcher, you must try out Cree-Hack. A useful tool and used globally.

Freedom Apk:

freedom apk download

Interested in gaming and excelling at it with millions of gems, coins, and other bullets you need? Freedom apk is your friend as it gives you the ability to charge your balance in gaming coins to an unlimited number. Now that is how you can play your heart out and not complain that Lucky Patcher is not working. Sometimes your phone cannot support it, or the game won’t unlock via Lucky Patcher old version. To have freedom of play, get Freedom APK.


App Sara apk download

The trouble of rooting and losing you authenticity in the Play Store is plenty. What if you had a Lucky Patcher alternative that can cure this issue? AppSara is a new in-app purchase hacking tool that can very well help you engage with paid games and unlock unlimited goodies within them. This is not only for mobiles, but tablets, on Android and iOS.

iAP Cracker Apk:

iAP Cracker app download

Play with app permissions and keep everything in controlled even after you crack, hack and modify the files. This is the magic of the latest version of iAP Cracker APK. Don’t know how to get it? Click here and follow the simple steps of installing it. This is the most childlike easy to use the tool you will ever use. The best part unlike Lucky Patcher Backup facility it does not lose its grip on iOS even after you upgrade the phone and get regular updates from Apple. The tweaks and jailbreak is a part of the cracker process of bringing you unlimited free in-app iOS purchases.

LeoPlay Card:

Leo play card download

To help you play games and download as many of them without any payment hiccups, LeoPlay card has been developed. It is, in my opinion, stand alone the best alternative for Lucky Patcher because it is the instant gratification it provided when it is installed and downloaded on your phone. Needless to say, LeoPlay Card can bypass any app purchase within seconds, and you can download multiple games from game shops globally. Get is on your phone today and never have paying problems.


Iap download

The best tweak enabled tool for iOS platform is iAPfree, and you must get this app right now because it provides such a seamless tech-enabled solution to surpass payments, ads, and popups in Apple store apps and games, which you don’t get from any other method. This Lucky Patcher alternative for iOS is the best way to patch and mod games that you love.


We hope your search for Lucky Patcher alternatives has ended and you have enough working options in case Lucky Patcher download gets stuck. Be it Android or iOS our support is just one comment away. So, don’t be shy tell us your queries and our team of app enthusiast will help you out.

How to Mod Apps and Games Using Lucky Patcher?

Simple process to mod android apps without a premium tool is using Lucky Patcher, the best way to hack and modify apps on Android. Customization is something that all of us desire literally at all points of life and to be true the fact that the best and the most favorite applications that we love on our beloved Smartphone do not have customization available makes us kind of a sad. Well, there is nothing to be sad about. There is always a possibility to decompile the application and get it modified according to our wishes. But there are a lot of difficulties surrounding the act. Firstly, there is a good possibility that the application server will not be in sync with the modded application, thus you will not be able to use the application. Secondly, you will have to be very good in coding to be actually able to decompile and mod your application.

Lucky Patcher-Solution to All Your Problems

So here is your solution. Lucky Patcher is a simple patching application that allows you to mod your favorite application depending on the kind of needs you have. To be very frank, lucky patcher is the type of application that is exactly what you need to make the change that you want on your favorite application. There are quite a few modifications that you can do with just one click. Some of them include removal of the irritating advertisements, removal of license verification, enabling free in app purchases, and many more. Application also provides a set of predefined custom patches that you can use if you like it. Let us take a look at the steps that you need to follow if you want to know how to mod android apps using lucky patcher.


Step by Step Process to Mod Apps using Lucky Patcher:

  • Download and install the lucky patcher application on your device and allow it root access. If you already have a rooted device, the root access will be automatically given to the application. If you do not have it, the application will ask for it. All you have to do is click ok.
  • Once the installation is done, click on the application to open it.
  • Wait for the application to initialize the list of applications on your device. It is here only that you will be able to see if there are any mods available for that select application. Do not worry; the list of mods available with Lucky Patcher is quite much.
  • Select the application which you want to mod. Click on it and you will asked whether you want to rebuild the application. Now all you got to do is accept the proposal.
  • Once the rebuilding is done, uninstall the old application and install the new one and use it the way you want to.

Lucky Patcher mod android apps method is now complete and you can try it with different apps. No other existing app can do this in such a short time. App lovers will cherish it and use it forever, because it is free.


In conclusion, Lucky Patcher is a simple patching application that allows you to do wonderful things with your applications. The user interface is pretty simple and you will certainly not find it difficult to get the modifications done. Just follow the steps and you will have modded your favorite android app.

Also we finally want to say that if you face any difficulty and don’t have the best experience with modding apps using Lucky Patcher, you can contact us immediately. We want to make sure you are having an awesome time, every time you use Lucky Patcher and its different features.

Click here if you want to Make paid apps free.

How to Make Paid App Free Using Lucky Patcher

Google Play Store has a galore of applications but sadly not a lot of them are as effextive as we would want it to be. In fact, majority of the applications that we use for free kind of do only half of the stuff that we need. The applications that we actually need hold on to us with the trap of buying most of the exquisite features that it has to offer. First, you get used to the premium features of the application during the trial period and then, they kind a tell you to buy the application to continue using and in this way, you end up spending your money.

Android Apps free with Lucky Patcher:

But, there is a pretty solid way to prevent you from spending any money with regards to using your favorite games and applications. Lucky Patcher is the answer to this question and believe me when I say, the application works wonderfully. Lucky Patcher is an application that can be effectively used to patch up your favorite application and create a version that will be as per your need. Let us suppose that you want to use an application even after the trail period of the application is over. Well, let me tell you how to do the same using Lucky Patcher.

How to Get Any Android App Free with Lucky Patcher?

Most of the users believe that the applications that have a price tag for them on the play store cannot actually be used without paying for them. Well, as we say it, if you want it, do everything to get it. And in this case, simply use Lucky Patcher to get the application that you want for free. All you got to do is follow the steps that I have mentioned below and you will be done for good.

  1. As it is most of the times, the first step will be to download the application and install it.
  2. Once the installation is done, click on the application and open it.
  3. The application might just take a few seconds to get initialized. Upon complete initialization, the application will provide you with the list of apps that you have installed on your system.
  4. Here in you will have Google Play Store application itself. Now, minimize the lucky Patcher application and open PlayStore and download the paid application that you want to use.
  5. Follow the normal process of buying an application. Once you do it, Lucky Patcher will automatically pop up and all you have to do is click on the button that says get this app for free.
  6. Now simply wait for the application to get downloaded.

Free apps using lucky patcher

Bug and Crash Fix For Long Run Use:

It is bound to face some complications as every app is not supported, when updates are installed. You need to ensure that you are up to date with Lucky Patcher’s android app for free updates too. If you are lagging behind there is a higher chance of problems occurring. Keep coming to our official Lucky Patcher website and get updated APK download files to install Lucky Patcher.


Lucky Patcher has its unique set of exploits that allows it to create a scenario of a fake transaction fooling Play Store to believe that the transaction has actually taken place. What makes this even better is the fact that Lucky Patcher can be used on non rooted device as well, thus in turn catering to a considerably large number of users and doing so effectively.

Hence if you still need any doubts answered, you can contact us here. You can also read Lucky Patcher FAQ’s here.


How to Make Free In-App Purchases Using Lucky Patcher?

In app purchases is something that literally all the useful applications come with as it is one of the primary sources of income for the developers. But to be very frank, at times the charges are being taken for any form of in app purchase really gets on the nerves. Just imagine a situation where in you need some gems to finish of an interesting level. Now, either you will have to wait days to get the gems or but it at a whooping price. Well, if you ask me I would do none of the above mentioned and yet go on to get the gems to finish my level using Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher is an application that allows you to make your life easy with the good applications on the Google Play Store. The application is a simple patching application that has been built in such a way so that you can enjoy your favorite applications and games, without having to think twice about in app purchases. Apart from various in app purchases, Lucky Patcher can be sued for the purpose of back up app data, removing irritating advertisements, license verification, modding up of applications and many more customization. Today, here in we will take a look at the steps that you need to follow to get in app purchases done easily.

How to Get Android Apps for Free:

A detailed step by step process is written below for you guys to follow up and get any app free access:

  • Download and installation of the Lucky Patcher application is undoubtedly the first thing that you need to do.
  • Once the installation is done, open the application. In case your device is rooted, the application will automatically gain root access. In case, your device is not rooted, you will manually have to grant access to the application.
  • Android Phone Settings for Lucky Patcher: Lucky Patcher is a third party application. Thus, you might just need to allows third party application installation on your device before installing
  • Once the installation is done, the application will populate the list of apps and games that is available on your device.
  • Select the application for which you want to make in app purchases.
  • Click on your choice of application. The original application will open and here you will be required to follow the normal steps.
  • Once click on buy in the in app purchases section on the app, Lucky Patcher will move in and then all you have to do is click on the button that means ‘get it for free’ and you are done.

Bypass in app purchase using lucky patcher

Lucky Patcher Updates:

As the OS updates come to your mobile and other devices – hacking apps is possible only with the latest Lucky Patcher versions as with app updates, old patches are redundant. To keep playing for free and make in-app purchases smooth – must update Lucky Patcher APK file from the homepage of this website. Keep following the site for more updates and hacks.


Apart from Lucky Patcher, there are many applications alternative of lucky patcher in the market that allows you to make in app purchases from free as well. But what makes Lucky Patcher the obvious choice is the fact that it not only makes in app purchases free of offline applications, but also for online applications. The application works very well on rooted devices as well as on unrooted devices. Now probably you understand why the application has such a large user base. So, in case you need to make any sort of in app purchase for which you do not want to spend any money, Lucky Patcher is the application to switch on.

Let us know your queries in comments below.

How to Get Unlimited Coins in Games using Lucky Patcher?

Love playing games but hate that you often have to pay for unlocking many goodies? Turn all your paid goodies into freebies with Lucky Patcher. Yes, the app is useful in getting unlimited free coins and gems in any game you play. Also, games on both Google Play and Apple Store are hackable and modifiable using Lucky Patcher APK.

Quitting the game you love playing as you are stopped for money is a bad idea. With Lucky Patcher, you will never get to such a disheartening note. Why? Because it is your gateway to the unlimited entertainment of all sorts.

Learning this process is easy with our expertise and experience. We know Lucky Patcher’s ability to modify all the amazing games users play around the globe. The reason we do not want you to pay is because you have already spent on mobile, internet and other things. Saving money with free gaming on smartphone using Lucky Patcher is the best thing. You only get to become the master of the art when you get unlimited powers to explore the gaming potential you have.

Process to get unlimited coins and gems in any game using Lucky Patcher:

If you do not have Lucky Patcher in your smartphone, mobile or tablet – you have to get that first. In short getting Lucky Patcher first and then proceeding with the process of unlocking coins and gems in the games.

  • Get Lucky Patcher apk file on your phone. It will download immediately
  • Tap on the file and let it install.
  • Now open the Lucky Patcher application like any other app
  • Select the game file you want to patch, modify and hack
  • You will hence create a hacked game apk file top play with unlimited powers and gems
  • This patched file is now ready. Install it and uninstall the original game apk
  • Now you have the ability to get unlimited coins and gems
  • Open your game and select infinite gems to play, and you are all set.

We hope you are now playing and enjoying every minute of it. Can this process get any simpler?

Can Lucky Patcher Crack all Games?

Yes, all you need is to follow the above process, and your favorite game will yield coins like you plundered a gold mine. Sounds exciting? It totally is. Crack all games with Lucky Patcher and play them till your heart’s content. Share the high score and tell all your friends about the huge feat you have achieved.

lucky patcher game patching

Upgrades and Bug Fixes to Lucky Patcher:

We ensure that new apps and games are also patchable using Lucky Patcher. The list of all the latest versions is available on the homepage of  Lucky Patcher. You can check them and keep upgrading Lucky Patcher to hack and get unlimited gems and coins in the newly launched games.


Like us when we patch the game and hack the coins for you. It is almost as we bring you a treasure chest in the game without any annoying cheat codes that you have to remember and enter every time. Yes, all this is possible because of the amazing Lucky Patcher app. 

Now that you are ready with Lucky Patcher’s game coins and gem trick – you must introduce this feature to your friends by sharing this post. Not only earn bragging rights but also our sincere gratitude. Any concerns and queries regarding Lucky Patcher’s how to get unlimited gems and coins game trick? You can let us know in comments or contact us right away.

1 How to Back Up Apps Using Lucky Patcher app?

Lucky Patcher backup feature is one of the most useful parts of this tool. Saving your app data by cloning them is the simplest way to take backup of all your apps using Lucky Patcher. If you did not know already about this feature, you must find out about it. We have explained how to take backup and keep information and files safe. Lucky Patcher is a multipurpose app as it lets you save money, save data and also save your most valuable time. If you have not used Lucky Patcher before, we here explain the process of installing Lucky Patcher, taking backup of apps and things you have to keep in mind before you clone and patch apps. These tips and tricks are outside of the Google Play Store, and our official Lucky Patcher team of app enthusiasts, is helping the users with these from time to time. We value android and iOS, applications and hacking them for fun is our only aim. The backup feature is free when you download Lucky Patcher apk.

Learn the steps and you will never have to look for another solution.

Installation Process Lucky Patcher:

  • Now getting the newly released Lucky Patcher app version is the first goal. This file or APK download of Lucky Patcher file will ensure a smooth installation without any glitches. This file is available on the homepage of our website. 
  • One push on the file will begin installation bar of the app
  • Click on logo to run Lucky Patcher on your device, this is all it takes to install the app

Installation of Lucky Patcher APK download is now complete. You must learn how to take backup of apps using this newly installed Lucky Patcher app.

backup apps using lucky patcher

Backup Process using Lucky Patcher:

  1. When you open Lucky Patcher for the first time there is a list of many applications that you can select and do additional tasks. Here to begin taking backup of any app, you have to select it.
  2. The app you select will be cloned as per your needs.
  3. When you select a particular app and click on the clone app feature, the app will begin cloning into a new APK file.
  4. Wait for the process to end. Once it finishes your app would have been successfully backed up. This clone is stored so that you can make use of in the future.

The process is easy to follow with the above steps, but you must keep the following instructions in mind too.

Things To Know Before Backing Up Using Lucky Patcher:

You cannot take backup without certain precautions and steps. It is a simple process if you keep few things in mind. App patching and storing as a clone gives you certain privileges too, so we have to do this wisely. The important thing is to completely finish modifying, patching and hacking the app first. Then only proceed with cloning or backup. Using the process without executing Lucky Patcher hacks will be a waste of time.


Now that you have learnt to take backup and store your data using Lucky Patcher, you can ditch the other hack and in-app purchase apps on your phone and get a single app for everything. This is an amazing opportunity and you must not miss. In case you have any doubts or comments regarding the process of Lucky Patcher APK for taking backup and cloning – let us know in the comment section. We are happy to assist and hear you out.

What is Lucky Patcher App? Everything You Need To Know

Lucky Patcher is a single solution to all app purchase related hacks and modifications on both Android and iOS, platforms. You can always be sure of the fix and in-app purchase bypass using Lucky Patcher as it is guaranteed to solve it. If you want premium features for no extra costs – Lucky Patcher is your favorite app to get that.

Supported Devices and OS

Yes, Lucky Patcher is available on all devices that run on Android platform as well as Apple operating system called iOS. Now you do not need to switch your phone to this amazing tool works smoothly on yours. Mobile applications and games are modified by conquering the license verification of the play stores you are trying to surpass. This way on different platforms Lucky Patcher gives you the best app surfing experience for free. Mobile gaming champions can get free coins and gems with Lucky Patcher instantly.

Lucky Patcher works like a charm on both major platforms. You can recommend it to your friends and get them on board with unlimited gaming time with you.

All you need is to download apk on your mobile device right away. Do you want to learn how to download Lucky Patcher on both iOS and Android?

lucky patcher apk download

How to Download Lucky Patcher Apk?

When are you not interested in paying at the store, but want to access is anyhow? A cool and easy way to do that on your smartphone is to get Lucky Patcher Download. We are going to explain the method to downloading and installing Lucky Patcher now:

  • First and foremost is getting the right files and apk download for Lucky Patcher installation. This is easy as we provide the files on our site. Just visit our homepage and click Download button for official Lucky Patcher file download. This will make your installation easier and fix your daily hassles.
  • Now tap on the downloaded apk file to begin Lucky Patcher Install.
  • Let the installation finished and you get to open the app.
  • Inside the Lucky Patcher app you will see differ options and app selections. Do as you please, as you can remove advertisements, modify apps and even take their backups.

Uses and Features:

To understand Lucky Patcher further, we must explore its benefits, as all end users will get on a long term basis. Using an application that is very popular and solves multiple problems has its perks. Get to know Lucky Patcher uses here:

Lucky Patcher Alternatives:

There are many alternatives that can be used in place of Lucky Patcher as sometimes your phone maker has restricted certain permissions and fixes the bugs in apps or games to be hacked using Lucky Patcher’s version that is supported on your device. If the latest Lucky Patcher installation does not work on your mobile phone – you must look for Lucky Patcher alternatives to solve the problem immediately.

Few alternatives we recommend are Freedom apk, Creehack, IAP. Use them wisely and try to upgrade Lucky Patcher if these apps not to help you.

Lucky Patcher FAQ:

How to get the latest version of Lucky Patcher for Android?

  • Click here to get the file

How to get the most recent version of Lucky Patcher for iOS?

What rooting software do you recommend?

How to get unlimited coins using Lucky Patcher?

  • We have answered this query Here

Final Words:

Now that you know all about Lucky Patcher, you must be tempted to recommend it to your friends. Share this post and enlighten them about this amazing tool, the app that you are using.

How to Customize Android Apps & Games with Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a powerful tool that can help you customize any Android app on your mobile phone. It modifies any android apk file of the app and achieves customization like removing Google ads, by-pass licenses, paid in-app purchase dialog boxes – that demand you to pay before you play the next level.

It’s annoying as a gaming enthusiast as many games are practically free, but after a while, they get paid. So, you need Lucky Patcher to sort of have your free gaming time every time you encounter a paid or in-app money requesting game.

This is also a no-brainer and easy to implement trick. Using Lucky Patcher on your Android device is as simple as using any other app and changing a few settings on your phone. We have written specific steps ad instructions that are guidelines for customizing any Android apps with Lucky Patcher. We start with rooting your device, to installing Lucky Patcher apk and customizing any Android app you select to. This tutorial teaches you everything you will ever need to know about customizing apps with Lucky Patcher.

Prerequisites of App Customization & Hacking in-app Purchases:

  1. You have to root your mobile phone
  2. You must have Lucky Patcher installed on your mobile device
  3. Next is the step by step instruction what you need to follow after first two steps.

Lucky Patcher App and Games hack

How to Root Your Mobile Phone?

Use any of the rooting apps to root your android device. Our favorites are Framaroot, Freedom apk, and Kingroot.

The rooting process in General follows:

Get any of the tools we have mentioned above and download its apk file. Once you have its apk file, install it after altering your Phone settings. This way you can have a rooted device, and you can do as many customizations and modifications you want. For patching and modifying, we will use Lucky Patcher app, and this will successfully serve our purpose for the long term. This tool requires no payment or subscription. Rooting is free; app customization is free too. With Lucky Patcher, you are the master player of all apps and games available on Google Play store.

Just in case you are wondering how to root with Framaroot, Kingroot App, and Freedom apk, we have linked these tutorials for your convenience:

Lucky Patcher Download and Install

You can find the latest Lucky Patcher for iPhone. The versions also depend on the devices you use. So, get this right otherwise, you will face difficulty. Our most sought after Lucky Patcher Android version is this:

Once you have Lucky Patcher in your phone do the following:

  1. Click on the Lucky Patcher apk on your phone.
  2. It will install within seconds simultaneously
  3. You now have to open the app installed by clicking on Lucky Patcher logo.
  4. This will ensure that the app opens with various other apps listed – you will not have the privilege to customize them.
  5. Be it ad banner removal, license verification, simple hack for games – everything can be done inside the Lucky Patcher App.

Hence installation and download of Lucky Patcher app are finished, and you can customize any feature you want for free.


The method is very simple, and we hope you understood it. In case you have more questions for Lucky Patcher team, you can write comments or contact us. We will be happy to answer them for you.